Sauberlinz | Taller

1 al 5 de octubre de 2007. Linz. Austria

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Videoresultado de los encuentros con agentes artísticos, culturales y sociales en Austria para un proyecto en Linz 2009.







Lunes 1 de octubre de 2007


  • Peter Arlt(sociologist),
  • Comolli (responsible person for the image of Linz, city council),
  • VOEST (steel industy), wskkfv (Elisabeth Oswalt/Carola Peschl) - artists, architects,
  • Andre Zogholy (sociologist)

Visual, light and acoustical pollution- no escape

Martes 2 de octubre de 2007


  • Bernhard Höfert (light designer),
  • Mirjam Struppek (Urban Media Research),
  • Robert Praxmarer (Media artist)

"Dirty art" - artistic interventions with trash

Miércoles 3 de octubre de 2007


  • Gabu heindl (artist/architect)
  • Joachim hainzel (artist)
  • Christa lepschi (architect)
  • Folke köbberling (artist, berlin)
  • Michaela mandl (artist)
  • Frida und fred (childrens museum, did workshop on trash with kids)


Social trash - wasteland

Jueves 4 de octubre de 2007

Public dinner prepared of leftovers at the Volkshaus Keferfeld.

In cooperation with Sozialmarkt Linz: A shop where people can buy cheap every-day products, among them many that are usually assumed as trash or waste, like: products with some small defects.


  • Social impact
  • Lottie Child Artist (UK)
  • Sozial Verein B37
  • ARGE Obdachlose: social institution for homeless people
  • Caritas
  • Stakeholder of the Institute for Sociology at the Johnnes kepler University?
  • Stakeholder of the department for social affairs of the City of Linz?


Mission statement for "sauberlinz"

Viernes 5 de octubre de 2007


  • Basurama
  • projectlead
  • 09 members