May the trash be with you | Taller

8 febrero 2008. NTNU. Trondheim. Noruega.

Waste as an object of study. Waste as a part of us. Waste tell us what we do and how we are.
Waste as a resource of creativity. Waste talks about economy, anthropology, sociology.
We will try to learn from the trash we produce during the previous days before the workshop.
We will not leave our trash in a bin. How difficult is to carry with you all days long all your leftovers?
A way of making trash visible.


Keep all the trash you produce during 48 hours.
From Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th keep with you everything you produce: clean wasted food as bones, used paper, packaging, smoked cigarettes... whatever! do not forget anything! and bring it to the workshop in a plastic bag or cardboard box. Keep the organic waste in a separate bag. Bring it all to the workshop.
We will analyze ourselves during the workshop through the things we trash away.

Viernes 8 febrero 2008.
De 10.00h a 13.00h.


Norges Teknis-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU). Trondheim. Noruega.
[Escuela Politécnica de Arquitectura de Trondheim].