Love story| RUS Miami

Miami city is a love story. A relationship between an urban utopia and the car to inhabit this utopia.

Thomas Jefferson inaugurated a new way of conquering the wild open land. He created the public survey system, a method to urbanize and measure the new human settlements in North America. This new model was completely opposite to the old european city. Jefferson thought that the old big cities corrupted human being and generated government corruption and only a farm society could avoid this corruption in the new United States of America.

Nowadays, american cities growing phenomenon is known as sprawl city. A huge extension of middle class dwellings sittuated in this homogeneus and neverending Jefferson grid, connected by car. While US government ensure an affordable petrol prize, this model can be working.

Miami county is a great catalogue of one square miles. Every square mile surveyed with Jefferson system has a different use and deppending on the use, different shapes

We can see thousands of all kind of housing square miles. Lakes indicates middle class housing.

No lakes indicates typicall north american dwelling.

And golf court, one of the main characters of Miami landscape indicates higher class housing.

There are landfill square miles...

industrial square miles...

and agricultural ones...

But they all show the unlimitted creativity of human being and the infinite possibilities of the grid system that Jefferson created and the petrol prize permits.