Back to school party

Martes, agosto 12th, 2008 | Por info
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Time to go back to school, dear children. This is the new public equipment for your music lessons: a giant beat machine and a bunch of car part keyboards and light theremins. Soon in all the schools of the United States of America.

Miami Trash Machine in Karma Car Wash

Sábado, agosto 9th, 2008 | Por info

A place to clean your car body and soul. Second show of Miami Trash Machine. We find incredible cars full of chrome pieces and people waiting in the trendy bar while their car is being washed. One of the most amazing places to discover the love story between americans and their cars.

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Miami Trash Machine: Churchill´s show

Jueves, agosto 7th, 2008 | Por info

Ladies and gentlemen. After weeks of working and coming out directly from the best junkyards in the city of Miami, here it is: the Miami Trash Machine. The latest basurama creation which will travel around the city, transforming the junk spaces into play places.

The first show took place in Churchill´s pub parking lot.

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