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Festival de basura :: Trash festival :: 2008


RUS Miami

1-9 August. Miami. USA. Part of the Solid Urban Waste project.

Basurama international project based on trash as a material for cultural exchange: Residuos Sólidos Urbanos (RUS) or Solid Urban Waste project takes place in Miami.

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RUS Miami: Car Perversion.

We are in Miami, a sprawl city based on the use of private vehicle for almost any city displacement. Thomas Jefferson, former founder father of the United States, worked hard to stablish a urban planning model on the new country. While a public survey system used a cartesian grid method to measure and divide every land of the country, an anti urban model was being inagurated. Jefferson thought on the corrupted europe cities and dreamt with a farm society without the problems of urban massification. But he did not think about the petrol prize.

Miami Trash Machine

Basurama, in collaboration with Viking Funeral (Miami) and Scrapyard Challenge (NY) will present RUS Miami Miami Trash Machine on public Shows in Miami city from 1 to 9th of August. It will also be shown in a final Opening with extra material about the project.


On this map you will be able to find all the information about RUS Miami project and basurama research about the trash in the city of Miami.

  RUS Miami. Rus Miami main characters. Junk Sound System Shows. Visited places.

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