basurama Festival de basura :: Trash festival :: 2007

RUS Miami
RUS Miami
RUS Miami begins. The first proyect of Residuos Urbanos Sólidos.
Miami. EEUU
1-9 August 2008
urban distortions. book  
Urban Distortions
Denise Scott Brown, John O´Reilly, José Luis Pardo, Jordi Borja and Rem Koolhaas are in the book edited by Basurama in 2006.

The texts of the book are available in english and spanish.

September 2006

trash picker at Cambridge. USA

Basurama in USA

Basurama has open a branch of the association in Boston, MA, USA.

You can visit us at Basurama Boston
or contact us at and download the dossier of the Boston office .

English dossiers
You can download the english version of the Basurama's Dossier   (62 Mb).
RUS. Urban Solid Waste Project. Latin America. or visit the web of the project (in Spanish)


Ponencia en Trondheim
Workshop: May the trash be with you
An express workshop organized by Basurama in Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet i Trondheim.
Trondheim. Norway
February 2008
Documentación fotográfica en el Ruhr
Geotagging information at Ruhr chanel
Exploring the Ruhr Gebiet. Geotagging waste information at Germany. Ruhr Gebiet. 2010.
Belongs to gastgastgeber project from Ruhr.2010.
August 2010

Vídeo Yo amor M30
Video performance:
Touristic trip to the biggest infrastructure work in Europe at the time: the tunnels of the highway M39 in Madrid. By areaciega andBasurama.
Watch the video .
Wacth the trailers.
M30, Madrid
January 2007
Novas Formas de habitar a Cidade
Workshop: Novas Formas de habitar a Cidade
To celebrate the 50th aniversary of the Brasilia Basurama was invited to organize some workshops anout the topic and relate formal and informal planning. Relationship betewn 'plano piloto' and the satellite villages.

Wacth the video vídeo del taller.
Brasilia. Brasil
September 2009
Taller: Mumbai Festival
Workshop: Mumbai Festival
A Basurama workshop in the Rachana Sansad Institute of Environmental Architecture during the Mumbai Festival.

A lecture in the simposium Art, Archjiecture and sustanible development at the Mumbai University, january 28th 2009.
Workshop-Lecture Mumbai. India
January 2009


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